How to whip cream with N2O


This is very straightforward. It is necessary, simply,  to place the required quantity of cream (or other mixture, see below) in the container of the dispenser, replace and secure the top, and then fit a nitrous-oxide ‘charge’ into the adapter.

If a stiff consistency is required for the cream, then more than one charge is usually needed, the manufacturer’s instructions are the best guide to this.

When the lever of the dispenser is pressed, i.e. the nozzle is opened, the cream will be dispensed, and become ‘whipped cream’ as the bubbles of nitrous-oxide (introduced into it, from the ‘charge’) expand.

Sometimes, things are a little more involved, but only a little.

Usually, only cream is placed in the container. It is possible, however, to pre-mix ingredients, and then fill the container with the mixture: this would be, for example, cream with caster sugar, or cream plus vanilla essence, whatever the recipe calls for.

There are other variable factors. For instance, the syllabub recipe given in section (1) above, requires the cream to have a light, fluffy consistency, this can be achieved by, first of all, using only one charge, and also by using a much lighter whipping cream (or  cream and milk mixture).

One might even have to experiment a little in the above case. But nevertheless, it still beats the vagaries (and cleaning chores) involved with food mixers.

Certainly it is an improvement on the original method of producing syllabub, which was to beat the mixture manually with a carefully selected beech twig. It is not known whether the beech twig affected the flavour particularly.